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  • Cam-Operated Couplings provide easy access for the cleaning and installation of spray risers.
  • They adapt to standard steel or non-corrosive risers and headers in sizes from 1″ (25 mm) to 4″ (100 mm) and are available in Poly-Glass or PVDF.

To Make Up a Quik-Disconnect Junction

  • You must have one female connector assembly (Part B, C, or D) which incorporates the cam-lock arms, and one male connector (Part A, E, or F) which is shaped to precisely fit into the socket on the mating part and be held securely against the sealing gasket by the unique cam-lock mechanism.
  • The female connectors connect to your pipe system by an external NPT thread (Part B), an internal NPT thread (Part D) or a hose barb (Part C). The male connectors likewise connect to your pipes by an internal NPT thread (Part A), an external thread (Part F), or a hose barb (Part E). And, to cap off any section which terminates with a female connector, use the available plug (Part DP). The Quik-Disconnects can be combined with our Clamp-On Nozzles and Nozzle Adapters, Quik-Lock Formed Risers and Headers, Quik-Release Riser Supports, and Ball Valves to make up complete spray header systems that provide unparalleled ease of installation and use.
  • To increase the value of your investment in Uni-Spray Quik-Disconnect couplings, we provide a complete line of replacement parts for the assemblies. It is no longer necessary to discard an entire assembly just because one part is broken. Refer to the following pages for complete information and specifications for the full Quik-Disconnect line.

Available Sizes

All Quik-Disconnect plastic components are colour-coded for convenient identification, and are available to fit the following pipe sizes:

Quik-Disconnect Couplings and Adapters

Note: 1 1/4″ through 1 1/2″ Parts B, C, D and DC assemblies will be shipped with Ny-Glass Arms unless Stainless Steel Arms are requested. Assemblies are supplied complete with retaining clips.