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Amerispray Filters

UNI-SPRAY offers both SELF-CLEANING and STATIC line filters.

PAPER MILLS: filter water from flotation units and from wells, ponds or rivers; filter coatings and inlet and discharge coaters
METAL MANUFACTURING: filter primary water and cooling water used in continuous casting; recycle rolling mill wastewater and cooling water from aluminum extrusion lines
MACHINE TOOLS: filter cooling lubricant emulsions for recycling
ENERGY PRODUCTION: filter recycled water to protect heat exchangers against clogging and wear
MINING PLANTS: increase safety by filtering water used by pumps and disk cutters
ARTIFICIAL SNOW PRODUCTION: filter water from rivers, ponds or lakes; filter water at pumping stations; use as final filter on snow makers and guns
FOOD INDUSTRY: filter primary, process and washing water
TEXTILE INDUSTRY: filter textile plant water, recycled water and process liquids
WATER PURIFICATION: conduct preliminary filtration upstream from wastewater purification plant
CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: filter primary and process water

ELIMINATION OF IMPURITIES: choose the exact degree of filtration you need
COMPACT SIZE: perfect for facilities with limited space
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: our engineering and sales staff will assist you with any questions or concerns

Self-Cleaning Filter Advantages:
CONTINUOUS OPERATION: no plant downtimes for cleaning
LOWER COSTS: reduced electricity consumption, reduced maintenance of parts protected by the filter
EASY MAINTENANCE: fewer components subject to wear, easy disassembly

Self-Cleaning Filters automatically remove dirt and solids that accumulate over time on the filter cartridge’s inner surface. Cleaning is activated whenever buildup causes the pressure of the outflowing liquid to drop below set levels. Your choice of rotating scraping blades—available in PTFE (Teflon) or stainless steel—or stainless steel brushes release the accumulated particles, which are then expelled through a stainless steel drain valve that operates either pneumatically or electronically. Specially designed couplings on the filter body allow manual backwashing when desired. Cycle times, working times, pause times and differential pressure levels can be adjusted to the needs of each application from the system’s control panel. If desired, the control panel can interface via remote access with the main plant’s control panel. It can also be adapted to different voltages.