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The Uni-Spray Pipe Saddle Selection Guide

  • High-quality injection-moulded pipe fitting which can be installed on an existing pipe in minutes.
  • Made of polypropylene and highly resistant to a wide range of caustic and acid-based chemicals.
  • Operate effectively at pressures up to 10.3 bar (150 psi) in
  • temperatures from 0˚to 130˚C (32˚to 266˚F).
  • The Uni-Spray Pipe Saddle is well suited for use on I.P.S. outer dimension PVC, CPVC, stainless steel and black iron pipe.
  • The Saddle will fit Schedule 40, Schedule 80, and SDR 13.5 through 64 pipe. Moreover, it also fits a variety of polyethylene and polybutylene pipe applications. These Saddles are available in 1″ (25 mm) through 8″ (150 mm) mainline pipe sizes, with a wide assortment of take-off sizes.
  • Pipe Saddles eliminate the high cost of back welding female couplers to the thermoplastic, steel, or iron pipes, and are completely compatible with our Uni-Spray Quik-Disconnect couplers.