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Bottle-Washer Components

Uni-Spray manufactures an extensive line of high-quality replacement parts specifically designed for the major OEM bottle washers. Superior in design and composition to other replacement parts, our products also eliminate many of the ongoing issues found in the parts originally supplied with your equipment. Uni-Spray’s investment in manufacturing equipment and tooling allows us to supply first-class products at prices second to none.

  1. Discharge Backrests
    Uni-Spray has custom designed a high-strength, long-life TPU backrest for the discharge of most bottle washers that eliminates issues during the installation and removal of these components.
  2. Conveyor Components
    Uni-Spray carries a line of high-quality and competitively priced replacement conveyor components for bottle washers. These products range from pocket carriers (40 or 44 wide) to discharge bottle guides and conveyor rubbers. Other products are available on request.
  3. Discharge Roller Shafts
    Uni-Spray’s bottle discharge rollers are solid stainless steel roller shafts with high-strength polyurethane coatings, available for 40- and 44-wide soakers. Roller shafts are made to order, so please call about pricing and delivery.
  4. Replacement Soaker Pockets
    Uni-Spray’s custom-designed soaker pockets, available with wide and narrow neck openings in both standard and end-pocket configurations, have eliminated virtually all the problematic design issues associated with OEM components.
  5. Rinser Cups
    Uni-Spray has designed a super strong replacement for OEM rinser cups, available in both clamp-on and bolt-in designs and colour coded to identify its fit on specific pipe sizes. All cups are available with spray orifices of various diameters. As a complement to our line of bolt-on cups, we offer stainless steel bolt-in nozzles in various thread sizes and orifice dimensions.

If you do not see the exact product you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact our design team to discuss manufacturing a part that meets your specific needs.

Rinser Cups

Soaker Pockets


Bottle-Washer Guides

Conveyor Components