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Bottle Filling Components

Uni-Spray Systems Inc. manufactures a large line of replacement parts for bottle-filling machinery, using the highest-quality materials and cutting-edge technology. Our replacement components are available for most brands of equipment and can be custom designed and manufactured to specific customer requirements. In every possible case, these products have been designed to outperform OEM replacements, often at significant cost savings.

  1. Sealing Rubbers
    Uni-Spray manufactures high-quality FDA-approved TPU and TPE sealing rubbers moulded to exacting standards in extremely wear-resistant material and available in various colours, materials and durometers (35–95 Shore A). Our inventory of sealing rubbers is huge and ever evolving.
  2. Liquid Seals
    Uni-Spray manufactures a variety of components that fit inside filling valves. Made from high-strength, high-temperature materials, these components perform flawlessly during Hot CIP.
  3. Centring Cups
    Uni-Spray custom manufactures a range of centring cups to fit many machines in many different designs. Our specialty is a two-piece centring cup with snap-in inserts. The hard delrin cup is moulded and/or machined to fit impeccably with our snap-in polyurethane insert seals, for an extremely sanitary cup. Cups can be manufactured in other materials and colour coded at your request.
  4. One-Piece Seal System
    Uni-Spray manufactures the One-Piece Seal System. The seal, which can be replaced in seconds without tools, simply snaps into the holder by hand, replacing the centring cup, sealing rubber and often the retaining clips. Seals are colour coded and can be manufactured in various designs to accommodate plants with multiple lines or multiple products run on one line.

If you do not see the exact product you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact our design team to discuss manufacturing a part that meets your specific needs.

Sealing Components

Centring Cups

Valve Components

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