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MFLP Medium-Flow Filter

mflp medium flow filter

The MFLP self-cleaning filter is perfect for medium volumes of liquid that fluctuate depending on the level of solids in the liquid stream. The system allows continuous filtration, which means no down time. For customizations such as hand-wheel drives, please contact your sales representative.

MFLP Medium Flow Filter Technical Specifications

Materials: body and parts exposed to liquid are 304L (standard) or 316L (on request) stainless steel; seals are Viton and EPDM (other materials may be available on request)
Filter cartridge: 316L stainless steel with a choice of V-shaped bars arranged in a radial pattern or perforation, depending on the contaminants and liquids being filtered
Weight: 70 kg

mflp medium flow filter flow rate max

*maximum flow rates determined at a pressure drop of 0.2 to 0.3 barg