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ASF3 Line Filter

ASF3 Line Filter

The ASF3’s surface-to-volume ratio and interior design work together to provide highly efficient filtration. The large screen surface, relative to liquid flow, reduces obstruction by preventing contaminants in the liquid stream from collecting in one area. The ASF3’s interior is designed to move liquid through the filter body in a swirling motion that distributes contaminants evenly over the filter cartridge and moves any solids toward the base of the bowl.

*inlet and outlet connections available in smaller diameters on request.

Materials: 316 stainless steel (compatible with most corrosive liquids)
Filter cartridge: your choice of stainless steel screen mesh or perforated stainless steel
Weight: 8 kg

asf3 flow diagram

*maximum flow rates determined at a pressure drop of 0.2 to 0.3 barg